SETOUCHI SHIMANOWA 2014 A new island exposition is beginning


March 21-October 26, 2014


Islands and waterfront areas of Hiroshima and Ehime Prefecture
  • Hiroshima Prefecture/
    Hiroshima City, Kure City, Takehara City, Mihara City, Onomichi City, Fukuyama City,
    Higashihiroshima City, Hatsukaichi City, Etajima City, Osakikamijima Town
  • Ehime Prefecture/
    Matsuyama City, Imabari City, Kamijima Town

Event Plan

The "SETOUCHI SHIMANOWA 2014" is event that the regions inhabitants enjoy themselves and visitors to the Seto Inland Sea will be able to partake in local pleasers together with them. Through this event, we aim to further strengthen the bonds of islands ring by fostering a greater understanding among even more people.
In addition to the theme events to promote the attractiveness of each island in each season as a variety of themes such as flowers, cycling, the sea, food, and art, larger events held beyond the district of city or even prefecture are also planned. Over 100 renewed and updated sightseeing programs are planned in each city and town.


SETOUCHI SHIMANOWA2014 is an initiative that seeks to utilize the historic view and beautiful archipelago of the Seto Inland Sea to promote the region. This initiative will reveal rich resources in the region, refine them, and use them to further promote our charm. As the focus shifts from the sea to the region, and throughout the seasons, a variety of events are held across the region. They form a "ring" that connects the islands (the Seto Inland Sea) brings "harmony" to the people.

Project Philosophy

At one time, the Setouchi Inland Sea was a key sailing route for the ships traveling between its many islands, a virtual "sea road" that could take you anywhere. It brought many people together. Like before, the beautiful archipelago is rich in many tourism resources: a moderate climate, beautiful scenery, nature, the delicious bounty of the sea, art full of history, culture and traditions.
As we approach the 80th anniversary of the Seto Inland Sea being designated a national park, a strategic tourism promotion, "Setouchi Ring 2014" will be held to spread awareness of the charming Seto Inland Sea to the people in Japan and the world. As the brand recognition of the Seto Inland Sea Hiroshima Prefecture and Ehime Prefecture area increases, not only will its natural beauty be preserved for the future, the number of domestic and international tourists and the international exchange population will increase.

Our goal is to create a prosperous region on the initiative of the regions residents. As the event is held, a large network, surpassing prefectural and municipal boundaries, will develop.